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  Taizhou Huangyan Qianyu Plastic Machinery has 30 years experiences of research & manufacture on pressure-vacuum thermoforming machines, vacuum forming machine,blister productions, vacuum forming mold, blowing bold, injection mold, press mold, etc. Qianyu Machinery manufacture the first Chinese automatic pressure-vacuum high-speed thermoforming machine by independent research in 2009, which solved thermoforming puzzle, and filled the technology gap. Qianyu Machinery focus on research and manufacture of three-stations, four-stations automatic pressure-vacuum high-speed thermoforming machine, three-stations, four-stations  automatic vacuum forming machine, pressure-vacuum molds,and obtained national invention patents.

  Safety production, scientific management, easy operation,clean & hygiene, enhancing users’ experience are design methods of Qianyu Machinery, which involve in every link of products design, mold design, products manufacture, installation and after-sale services. Qianyu Machinery hammers at high quality & low cost productions (low material cost, low production cost,low energy cost, low labour cost, low storage cost) , and easy management. Qianyu Machinery according to every client product’s standards of parameter, material, capacity, etc to customize producing project of maximum sheet usage, the best equipment, accurate forming and punching, cutting, standardization of safety and hygiene, timely feedback of after-sale, ensuring clients’ producing in every respect.

  Qianyu Machinery sells machines around the world, and obtains good reputation among clients. Leading enterprises such as Wuliangye Group, Pingguo Group, Mengniu Group, etc. are Qianyu Machinery’s long-term cooperators. Qianyu Machinery also breaks through domestic technical barriers, like transparent pure pp material producing on pressure-vacuum machine.

  Qianyu Machinery has a professional & experienced research team, also technical of independent research, design, manufacture machines and molds. ‘Dare to be the first’ is Qianyu Machinery’s pursuit. Qianyu Machinery dedicates to independent study. Keepchallenging ourselves and do not copy, that’s why Qianyu Machinery has sustained improvements on techniques, qualities, managements.

  What others cannot resolve, please come to Qianyu Machinery!

  What others cannot accomplish, please come to Qianyu Machinery!

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